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You put a lot of work into buying your home. home insurance in reno For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we will make in our lifetime.

If you’ve invested a lot of hard earned money into your home, then you should protect it. Doesn’t it make sense to find the proper Reno Homeowners insurance?

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The fact of the matter is not all Reno homeowners’ policies are the same. Things are never equal. Certain policies offer limits on coverage, different exclusions, and types of endorsements.

There are good homeowner’s insurance policies and bad ones. Unless you’ve discussed your specific needs with a licensed insurance professional, there’s a good chance your policy isn’t ideal for your home.

You need to work with someone who has successfully insured and protected thousands of homes in Nevada. You want to work with an insurance agency that has helped Reno residents settle thousands of Nevada insurance claims.

You want to work with us, Balsiger Insurance. Our protection team is here to help you get the ideal coverage and protection while saving money at the same time.

Will Your Current Reno, Nevada Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover You If Something Bad Occurs?

While some insurance agencies try to sell a one-size-fits-all policy, we know every Reno homeowner has different needs. No policy can or should cover everyone. Some will overpay for coverage they don’t need in this scenario.

We create custom Reno homeowner’s insurance policies that ensure any potential pitfall could be covered. Here are a few things we like to address on a case-by-case basis:

  • Valuable items coverage
  • Water seepage protection
  • Damaged tree removal
  • Personal property
  • Damage from sewer and water backup
  • Hurricane coverage

…And more!

What If Disaster Strikes?

We live in the real world at Balsiger Insurance. We understand things happen. Let’s take a look at a potential situation. You never know when disaster could strike. For example:

You just came home from a long weekend at the beach in California with the family. It was a wonderful vacation. Three full days of relaxing and recharging. You couldn’t think of a better long weekend.

You pull into the garage and hop out of the truck, only to find a terrible smell immediately hits your nose.  You slowly open the door only to be hit with the strongest sewage smell that’s ever hit your nose.

Apparently, last night there was a major sewage backup that pumped nasty liquids into the homes of everyone in the neighborhood. There was a lot of damage everywhere.

You now need a hotel for the night and a cleanup crew to arrive immediately. This is going to cost you big bucks, right?… No, you purchased insurance from Balsiger Insurance before this mess happened.

In addition, you bought a special Home Plus Package that included situations just like this. Others in the neighborhood weren’t so lucky. Many had to cover thousands in damages with their own hard-earned money.

So, What Pitfalls Can Be Found in Your Current Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Most insurance coverage is NOT perfect. Your homeowners’ policy should be comprehensive. Your family’s needs should be covered. You need to protect your investment as best you can.

How can you do just that? The best way to ensure you have the coverage needed is through a periodic protection review with Balsiger Insurance.

We can help you determine whether your homeowner’s insurance is sufficient. We can make sure you have coverage when it’s time to file a claim. After all, that’s why you buy homeowners insurance.

Doesn’t it make sense to ensure you have the correct protection when something bad happens? You needn’t have any lapses in coverage any longer. Stop taking silly risks.

Giving Tips and Education Is What We Love To Do

Here at Balsiger Insurance, we not only want to help you find an insurance policy that fits all your family’s coverage and pricing needs. We also love to educate all of our clients; even if they end up not buying a policy from us in the end. A few tips of the insurance trade that we teach all of our clients is the relationship between coverage limits and deductibles.

First, every coverage in a homeowner’s insurance policy is subject to a max limit the insurance company is willing to pay for a claim. However, you can adjust some of the limits as you see fit, thus, lowering your overall premium. For example, on a typical home policy, there is a coverage called Personal Liability. This coverage is standard, and covers you in the event someone gets hurt on, or around your premises.

This coverage usually tops out at $500,000 in most states. However, you can save a little money, and still have superior protection by carrying $300,000 worth of Personal Liability coverage.


A lot of policyholders do not like to pay their deductible when they have to file a claim. But, did you know that if your policy had no deductible at all, your policy would be so expensive, it might not be affordable anymore? This is true. The deductible is a good thing. Is helps you stay responsible for a portion of any claim you file, thus, making your premium much lower.

In addition, you have the ability to adjust your deductible too. Most homeowner’s insurance deductibles are $1,000. However, if you have back up finances for a “rainy day,” some of these clients have increased their deductible to $1,500, $2,000, even $2,500 and up. This will significantly decrease a homeowner’s monthly premium. Here at Balsiger Insurance do not recommend this for all of our clients. If you do not have a rainy day fund, and carry a high deductible, you need to file a claim. This method of saving money today, could hurt you tomorrow if you need to file a claim and do not have the deductible money. Our expert team will go over your individual needs with a fine-tooth comb to ensure the right decision gets made.

Finding the Perfect Reno Homeowners Insurance Policy Today

Our professional staff is here to make sure you have the ideal protection. We can help you accomplish all your insurance goals – at a low price.

With a thorough protection review and a variety of coverage options, we’re confident we can offer you the insurance policies you need at the price you’re going to love.

Insurance doesn’t need to be complex. If you have any questions, are interested in different policies, or want to find out if you’ll be covered in a specific situation, get in touch today.

At Balsiger Insurance, we offer no obligation homeowners insurance quotes in Reno, Nevada. We’ll find the perfect protection for you, and there’s a good chance we’ll save you some cash in the process.

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Home insurance is so much more than just a price…all policies are not created equal…there are limits on property like guns, fine arts, jewelry, tools and collectibles.  There are coverage options that may or may not be included like earthquake coverage, scheduled property, identity theft, horse coverage and many more that a thorough broker will walk you through!

What about deductibles, amounts of coverage, loss of use…if you don’t have a thorough understanding of your homeowners insurance coverage you likely have basic coverage!

The Balsiger Insurance team will help you tailor a package with leading auto and home insurance companies that gives you the best pricing and coverage.

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