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rideshare insurance

What You Need to Know About Uber and Lyft Insurance

Resort towns like Reno and Las Vegas attract countless tourists every month, which makes Nevada an ideal location to work for a ride-sharing company like Uber or Lyft. If you know your way around town and have a grasp of local attractions, you can make yourself invaluable and earn a great living.

However, to protect yourself against unforeseen events while working for a transportation network company (TNC), you should understand how Uber and Lyft coverage works during each of the “periods” they recognize:

  • Offline: TNC app is not active, vehicle used for personal use only. Only your personal insurance policy is in effect.
  • Period 1: Ride share app is active, and driver awaits customers. TNCs provide limited bodily injury and property damage coverage—paying only what your personal insurance does not—but offer no coverage for your vehicle.
  • Period 2: Driver is on the way to pick up passenger. TNCs provide $1 million in liability and uninsured motorist coverage, plus $50,000 comprehensive and collision coverage.
  • Period 3: Passenger is onboard and en route to destination. Same coverage as Period 2.

To protect yourself, your vehicle, and your ability to earn income, you need coverage that fills in the gaps. We offer affordable, high quality insurance that insures you and your vehicle during Period 1, when you are vulnerable, and we can extend your coverage beyond what Uber and Lyft will pay during Periods 2 and 3, as well.

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